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Netizens displeased with joggers using Batu Caves stairs as exercise area

Source: Facebook

Malaysia is a multiracial and multiethnic country. Hence, the people here need to learn and understand the different cultures among the different races and be tolerant of one another.

However, once in a while, we will hear incidents of people stepping on the toes of others.

The temple at Batu Caves is a popular spot in Malaysia for both tourists and worshipers. It is well known for the tall, golden statue of Lord Murugan and having to climb 272 steps to reach the temple.

However, the same attraction had also invited some visitors who treated it like an exercise area.

On 13 February, a netizen, who was a frequent temple goer, took to her Facebook to make a complaint about such visitors. In the post, the netizen said she visits the temple every Sunday morning and she often sees visitors using the grand flight of stairs as a training area.

It went past her breaking point as she witnessed people jogging and hiking the stairs.

“I went to the counter next to the steps and spoke to a lady sitting behind the counter, I asked her why they were jogging here and no action was being taken as this is a temple…” she wrote.

Source: Facebook

In response, the lady explained that the temple’s management had tried asking visitors not to, but people kept doing it. She also explained that they used to have a signboard saying not to exercise there, but it had yet to be replaced after the area was renovated.

“I hope this will stop as soon as possible and I hope to see the signboard again in upcoming days,” she said, stressing that this is a temple for the people to pray.

Meanwhile, netizens share a mixed opinion about this issue. Some supported the original poster’s view and said that despite it being a tourist attraction, the place is still a temple.

“There are many other places to exercise, this is not a gymnasium.” one netizen said.

However, some claimed that they had been using the steps as a jogging area previously and there hadn’t been any problems.

“Sometimes the priests weren’t keen to go up, they would ask me to help bring things up to the temple, like flour, milk etc.” a netizen shared.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time this problem arise. In 2016, a ban was created on exercising on the stairs, though there had been plenty of opposing views regarding the issue as well.

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