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M’sian fell asleep while texting, wakes up to a cartful of paid purchases in her online shopping account

We’ve all heard of sleepwalking, but did you know that there are other activities that your body may automatically do while asleep?

These kind of sleeping disorders are called parasomnia, which covers unwanted sleep behaviors such as sleepwalking, sleep driving (dangerous!), sleep talking, and even sleep… shopping?

For Twitter user Seri, who suffers from a parasomnia that allows her to use her phone such as to reply texts while asleep, waking up to text notifications may not be too uncommon.

However, Seri woke up from an afternoon nap with a cartful of payment confirmations from her online shopping account.

For someone with parasomnia, she naturally assumed that she had completed all her purchases while asleep, and was understandably distressed as the whole order costed a good bit of money.

It was not what it seemed

However, it turns out that her parasomnia hasn’t yet extended to online shopping while asleep. Instead, it was actually her boyfriend who has made those purchases through her account because he didn’t know what to buy for Valentine’s Day.

In an excerpt of texts shared by Seri, she was telling her boyfriend that she had accidentally bought these purchases online when her boyfriend replied that she hadn’t.

Instead, he cheekily noted that it was an early Valentine’s Day gift to her.

Previously, she had logged in to her Shopee account on her boyfriend’s computer, which was how he had access to her shopping cart.

A secret Valentine’s hack?

Her story quickly went viral, inspiring both men and women. Many netizens jokingly shared the story with their partner in hopes that they would do the same for them, or were inspired to do the same for their partner.

Others shared that they only used their shopping cart as reference and usually do not mean to actually make those purchases.

Supposedly, the moral of the story is simply to know your partner’s habits and whether or not they would enjoy the surprise.


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