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MACC found ‘dubious expenses’ in Mara Corp corporate credit card transactions

NewsMACC found 'dubious expenses' in Mara Corp corporate credit card transactions

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has uncovered several dubious expenses in an investigation into allegations of misuse of Mara Corporation’s corporate credit cards.

According to Bernama, the source said the management of the company was asked to be present at the MACC head headquarters in Putrajaya to explain the guidelines for the use of the agency’s corporate credit cards.

“In the MACC’s investigation into the misuse of Mara Corp corporate credit cards since last week, it was found that there were dubious expenses involving several purchases of goods and services that did not involve the agency, during March to December last year,” the source said.

However, he declined to comment further on the nature of the goods and services purchased with the credit cards.

Last Thursday (10 February), it was reported that the MACC had begun an investigation into allegations of corporate credit card misuse by the top management of Mara Corp.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

The investigations involved allegations of misconduct and integrity, involving several senior officers of Mara, where the source said statements from 17 people had been recorded, and 10 others would be called this week.

“We expect that this Thursday, the investigation paper related to this case will be submitted to the deputy public prosecutor for further action,” he said.

On 5 February, the MACC confirmed receiving a report on alleged integrity issues involving several senior Mara officers who are being investigated internally by MACC.

On 7 February, the MACC raided Mara and Mara Corporation headquarters, as well as a corporate secretary company, and seized documents consisting of proposal papers and minutes of board meetings, financial documents and payroll, as well as documents concerning human resources.

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