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Family Mart Cameron has a Black & White signboard and here’s why!

Family Mart has become one of our favourite convenience stores ever since it was first opened in Bukit Bintang back in 2016. While many recognise the store’s signature green and blue signboard, there’s one Family Mart outlet that uses a colourless signboard.

The outlet was brought to light by a Twitter user, Dea (@dearsln), where she shared a picture of the said black and white Family Mart’s signboard and wrote: “Found a no-ink Family Mart.

Dea also shared that this “no-ink” Family Mart outlet, is located in Cameron Centrum, Pahang.

Meanwhile, this black and white signboard put up by Family Mart has its very own meaning to it.

According to Twitter user, Aqilah (@aqilahbaik), this phenomenon is not something foreign in Japan and black and white Family Mart signboards can be found in places that promote nature.

The netizen said that the signboard is to show the company’s modesty and appreciation towards mother nature, along with trying to avoid overshadowing the beauty of the surrounding greens.

Aqilah added that these black and white outlets can be found mostly in the Nagano prefecture in Japan. Other netizens also shared that Japan had a rule of no colourful signboards near shrines and temples too.

Source: Tsunagu Japan

Nonetheless, Family Mart is not the only convenient store that has this black and white signboard in Japan. A few other big brand’s franchises, such as 7-Eleven and Starbucks had monochrome signboards in their outlets in Kyoto too, to complement the historically themed cityscape.

Are you impressed by this move from Family Mart to preserve the landscape of the surrounding area? Share your thoughts!


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