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Things to know when dyeing your hair at home

Before you pick up that dye brush, there are many things to consider: picking the right color and choosing the right tools to get the best color payoff.

To help you out, here are some at-home hair color hacks, tips, and product recommendations to turn the once-laborious act of coloring your hair into a relaxing at-home spa day.

Buy more than you need

The worst mistake you could make when dyeing your hair is to run out of hair colour halfway. It’s always advisable to have at least two boxes of hair dye (depending on your hair length and thickness, you might need more).

You also don’t need to wash your hair before colouring your hair.

The oils on your hair and scalp actually act as a protective layer. Washing your hair before dyeing might irritate the scalp and cause pain.

Follow up with toner

After bleaching your hair, your hair might turn a little yellow or orange. This yellowing of bleached hair affects Asian hair more, because we have more yellow tones in our hair. To neutralise the brassiness, consider incorporating a purple shampoo in your hair routine.

Load up on nourishing hair treatments

Hair masks and deep conditioners are important following a damaging bleaching or colouring process if you want smooth and healthy tresses. Simply apply to damp hair and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes before shampooing as you would normally.


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