Sunday, December 4, 2022

KKM rebukes claims of Covid-19 in tap water, explains that’s not how rapid test kits should be used

NewsKKM rebukes claims of Covid-19 in tap water, explains that's not how...

You may have seen videos circulating on social media claiming how tap water in Malaysia is ‘positive’ for Covid-19.

In response to this myth, the Health Ministry (KKM) through the Medical Devices Authority (MDA) to issue a statement to assure that there’s no Covid in the water.

The ministry had cited a video by Tiktok user @kakwawa3 which had since been taken down, saying the method of use shown by the user was wrong as he did not follow the instructions as stated in the label and leaflet included in the test kit.


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“If the test kit is used not following the intended purpose and instructions set by the manufacturer, it is likely that it will produce inaccurate and misleading results.”

MDA also expressed concern about the circulation of the video and said it will investigate the matter.

Source: NST

MDA said this statement is to debunk the myth that can cause public confusion on the use of the Covid-19 self-test kit and to ensure public safety and health.

After this claim went viral, many netizens have been asking if the Covid-19 virus exists in tap water. Some even decide to find out for themselves.

Some netizens were shocked to find out that their test kit showed a positive result, while the rest did not get a result on their test kits.

That said, the Covid-19 rapid test kits are not meant to be used with pipe water in the first place.

Meanwhile, Air Selangor had assured that its pipe water goes through proper treatment including chlorine disinfection that is effective at removing and killing viruses.

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