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“Bye Malaysia” Indonesian news portal mocks its neighbouring countries after its economy recovered post-Covid

Social News"Bye Malaysia" Indonesian news portal mocks its neighbouring countries after its economy...

Recently, an Indonesian news portal had made fun at the Republic’s neighbouring countries after the country’s economy made a stunning recovery and returned to its pre-pandemic performance.

The article published on the Indonesia news portal, detik had a controversial title that seem to mock nearby nations, especially Malaysia and Thailand while comparing to Indonesia’s on-the-track economic recovery.

Published last Friday (10 February), the article is given the title “Bye-bye Malaysia-Thailand, Ekonomi RI Sudah Pulih Duluan”, or translated as “Bye Malaysia-Thaialnd, the Republic of Indonesia’ Economy Recovered Faster”.

Source: Detik

In the article, the Indonesia portal wrote that the nation’s economic recovery is now amongst the very few countries in the world that have had their economy surpass the level they were being before the Covid-19 pandemic which includes Singapore, the United States of America, South Korea and China.

The article also quoted the nation’s Finance Ministry which confirmed the matter, asserting,

“Developed nations in the world such as the United States have surpassed its pre-pandemic economic performance by 2.1%, meanwhile Indonesia now has exceeded our economic performance in 2019 by 1.5%…”

In addition, Indonesia’s Finance Ministry said that when compared to the other neighbouring country, only Singapore and Indonesia have returned to its pre-pandemic state, while nations such as Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand are still way below the economic level that they had attained prior to the pandemic.

Source: FMT

Meanwhile, it was reported that Indonesia recorded an incredible economic recovery since 2020, with its poverty rate reducing from 10.2% to 9.7%, although the country is yet to achieve its pre-pandemic statistic of 9.2%. The country’s inequality level was recorded as 0.381 in 2021, almost returning to its pre-pandemic level of 0.380.

On the other hand, the unemployment in Indonesia has also dropped from 9.77 million in 2020 to 9.1 million in 2021, with the unemployment rate has also dropped from 7.07% in 2020 to 6.49% in 2021.

Despite their successful economic recovery, do you think that it is not appropriate for Indonesia to mock its neighbouring countries this way? Share your thoughts!

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