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Simple steps towards better Feng Shui at home

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice that aims to create harmony between individuals and their surrounding environment.

Hence, it is widely practiced when one moves into new premises and is also useful to improve the energy – or “chi” – of an existing space.

Here are three steps towards more positive energy and harmony at home.

1. Make your home clear and bright

The entrance of your home is where energy enters the space, which also symbolises how positivity enters your life. Hence, your entryway should be clear of clutter that would make your home less inviting.

Organise shoes, keys and miscellaneous items with racks, hooks and storage drawers. Also ensure the entrance has sufficient natural light or lighting fixtures.

Aim to keep your entire home clear and bright. Large windows will help; the entire space will look brighter and bigger, allowing positive energy to flow into the home smoothly.

2. Remove obstacles

Think about the paths you take within your home from the moment you wake up until bedtime. Are there things you consciously avoid bumping into, or items that pose a tripping hazard?

Even minor issues such as a cluttered workspace could leave you feeling distracted and disorganised.

These are obstacles that lead to lower efficiency in one’s daily life, and therefore represent physical and metaphysical obstructions. Move, or remove, these things to let energy flow more smoothly in your house and your life.

3. Incorporate greenery

In feng shui, plants symbolise life energy. Therefore, having them in the house connects people with nature, bringing vitality to the space and its residents.

The money plant, for example, is believed to bring prosperity and wealth, and is best placed at the entrance of the home.

As a bonus, having indoor plants will also help clean and freshen the air.


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