Saturday, February 4, 2023

M’sians denounce PPIM’s efforts to worsen interracial relations and “Beli Muslim First” campaign

Social NewsM'sians denounce PPIM's efforts to worsen interracial relations and "Beli Muslim First"...

The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) has proposed a Halal logo that showed if the manufacturer is Muslim or non-Muslim, but it had again resurfaced on social media and had sparked a massive debate among Malaysians.

With this new Halal logo, a green logo will be given for 100% Muslim-owned companies, orange for Muslim-owned companies with non-Muslims and red for 100% non-Muslim-owned companies.

In a poster, PPIM also explained that they are working to bring about the change so that consumers in Malaysia, especially Muslims, are not easily manipulated.

However, netizens were quick to slam PPIM for mooting such an idea that could possibly create more tension in our fragile peace in this multi-ethnic and multi-racial community.

“Why not PPIM focus on the campaign against fake Halal certificates?” a netizen asked.

Some said whether a product is halal or not is all that matters, and consumers are not interested to know the manufacturer’s religion before buying a product.

Some warned that the idea would only worsen the interfaith and interracial relations.

Meanwhile, a netizen brought up the issue of the Buy Muslim First (BMF) campaign, which is supposed to raise and help the product economy of Muslim entrepreneurs, adding the multiple issues behind the campaign, such as restaurants with halal certificates that do not source for food from halal suppliers.

While the Muslim population increases in Malaysia, the demand for halal products is expected to be increased too. Hence, Halal certification plays a pivotal role in both consumer’s food purchase and consumption, and food manufacturers’ business conducts.

However, promoting such sensitive ideas or campaigns would definitely underpin Malaysia’s aspiration to be the World Halal Hub.

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