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As Omicron wave hits Malaysia, here’s some tips on how you can improvise this Valentine’s weekend

LifestyleAs Omicron wave hits Malaysia, here's some tips on how you can...

For many who are celebrating Valentine’s day, it will once again be another quiet Valentines after Malaysia recorded about 22,000 number of Covid-19 cases on Saturday (12 February).

However, it’s not all bad and sad as we can still celebrate Valentine’s day in a safe environment.

Here’s a little guide to how you can celebrate your Valentine’s day, but it may depend on your romantic status, whether you have a partner who already lives with you or your significant other who has been apart. Regardless, here are 5 things to keep in mind on this special day:

1. Don’t spend Valentine’s Day with someone you do not know

It’s Valentine’s day, not Hookup day. The Covid-19 pandemic is not the time to go on an in-person date where you have to say, “oh, what’s your name again?”

Instead, if you are going to meet someone in person, make sure that you already know the person reasonably well. It’s especially important to understand his or her approach to the pandemic. You won’t want to date someone who believes the Covid-19 coronavirus and the pandemic to be a “hoax”.

Such an attitude may suggest that the person will not take precautions like social distancing and hand hygiene seriously.

2. Maintain social distancing if the other person is not already in your social bubble

Despite getting vaccinated, it is not enough to prevent Covid-19 from spreading to your social bubble. Unless that person is already staying with you, you should maintain precautions throughout the date.

Be mindful that the only way to tell whether you are infectious is to get a Covid-19 test for the virus. Even then, a test will only tell whether you are contagious at that particular moment.

The virus could still be multiplying inside your body and not have made an appearance, because the incubation period for a Covid-19 can be between two and 14 days.

3. Try to wear face masks as much as you can

Yes, face masks could dampen the mood or make it more difficult for you to get to know each other better, but being safe is the main point and you would not want to risk spreading the virus with your close ones.

Of course, you will have to remove your face masks to eat and it’s a good idea to maintain at least a Denzel distance throughout the date, even when wearing a face mask.

4. Choose your venue carefully and plan

Planning your venue carefully will help you avoid places with large crowds, tight spacing and choirs singing. In addition, you may want to check on your potential venue’s precautions, such as social distancing, face mask, and disinfecting policies.

Outdoor locations are better than indoors due to the good air ventilation. However, just check on the weather forecast right before you step out your doors. An umbrella comes in handy during this rainy season.

Keep in mind that the venue is just the venue. The main objective is to get to know each other and spend time together. Be creative. You can still learn more about your date fifty paces apart in a park.

5. Consider a remote Valentine’s date or celebration

With the technology these days, getting connected virtually is a simple feat. In fact, remote ways of connecting can actually allow you to get to know someone even better than in-person meetings.

Such remote ways can cut down on the distractions, the noise, the stuff that makes it more difficult to see the other person for who he or she really is. It can be like removing the packaging and the advertising. Video methods like Zoom can force you to maintain eye contact and a conversation.

In addition, you may send food over as a way to show affection or support. Make sure what you send is appropriate though.

Having said that, Valentine’s day is just one day out of an entire year. You could wait until we’re passed this worst part of the pandemic and celebrate Valentine’s day again!

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