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“Will becoming a zombie makes you mati syahid?” M’sians are asking Muslim preachers zombie-related questions

Netflix’s new zombie series, All Of Us Are Dead, was released just 2 weeks ago and it had been a hit, not only beating the rankings in Malaysia but worldwide! Influenced by this new series, one might have wondered if a zombie outbreak is possible?

Recently, a netizen on Twitter went on asking some questions relating to zombies and sought an answer from Dr Zulkifli Bakri, the Minister of Religious Affairs.

“I’ve been wondering for quite some time. If there’s a zombie outbreak in Malaysia and if a Muslim happens to become a zombie, will he/she mati syahid (die a martyr)?” she asked, adding that she is not joking and her curiosity was serious.

In Islamic beliefs, mati syahid will grant the dead a definite entry to Heaven, but with a few conditions.

However, Dr Zulkifli did not provide a definite answer and expressed his worries on her, saying “You think too far, now I’m worried.”

The netizen thanked Dr Zulkifli for his response, though he did not provide a straightforward answer to the question.

However, she was not the only one who had similar thoughts. Many other people have asked the same question but in a slightly different manner.

“Are we allowed to kill someone if he/she is infected and turns into a zombie?” another netizen asked.

This time, the question was answered by preacher Ustaz Adnin and he said “No, no one will become zombies. Stop daydreaming.”

What do you think of these questions regarding a zombie outbreak? Share your thoughts!

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