Thursday, December 1, 2022

Watch: Woman desperate in need of cash attempts to sell her virginity, netizens disagrees

Social NewsWatch: Woman desperate in need of cash attempts to sell her virginity,...

What would you do if you are in desperate need of cash?

Recently, a woman has uploaded a video of her speaking to the camera, saying that she is selling her virginity for RM6,000.

“I am a virgin, I want to sell my virginity for RM6,000. My family has come across some problems. I hope everyone will give me a chance. Thank you.” she said.

The video went viral on social media and there was divided opinion among the netizens. Some believed that her family problems have pushed her to the brink while others think that she shouldn’t sell herself like that under whatever circumstances.

“It was very sad to hear this. You don’t need to do this. There are other solutions. You can work and ask for an advance from your boss. Don’t betray yourself like this. One day you will regret it.” a netizen said.

“No matter how hard life is, there is no need to do that.” another netizen said.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

Meanwhile, some commented that not many have experienced true poverty and do not know how painful it is to be poor.

“Now you all know, many daughters say that they are going overseas to work but this is what they are actually doing.” the netizen said.

Some pointed out that there are many charities in Malaysia and she should reach out to them for help, adding that it is not necessary to go this far.

It’s heartbreaking to see people being forced to such an extent to look for money. However, we do agree that Malaysia has a good social safety net to help people who are desperate in need.

Do look out for charities in Malaysia or seek help from the public. We’re sure that Malaysians in general are kind and helpful!

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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