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M’sian ex-inmate shares what life is like in prison, describing them as Hell on Earth

Social NewsM'sian ex-inmate shares what life is like in prison, describing them as...

While most of us may not have entered a prison in Malaysia, you may be curious of what life is like in a prison and how it is being one.

Recently, a Malaysian on Reddit shared their experience in what life is like in a Malaysian prison. Their response was based on what ex Malaysian inmates had share with them.

In the post, the netizen detailed the entire process of being imprisoned, from the start at the court itself to the many different blocks and areas of a prison.

He said that the soon-to-be inmate are allowed to eat outside food that is brought by their family. In the court lockups, the cops can be seen selling contrabands mainly tobacco (10 bombs for RM100). They are shaped like mini round balls.

Source: FMT

Upon entering the main gate of the prison, the netizen said that guards will go through all your belongings and throw away anything that they don’t like.

“Sometimes they even throw away stuff like soap, medicine just because they want to be a dick to you or feel like you have too much soaps. If your water bottle contains even a little bit of water, they will throw the whole bottle away,” they wrote.

While reaching the registration office, the netizen said you may be given a plastic mug and water ladle if you are lucky. “If you’re really really lucky, a blanket. Some people maybe get 1 item, or nothing at all.”

“Then, there will be a 2nd inspection by the UKP guards. They will go through all your belongings again 1 by 1 and throw things away that does not please them. You are forced to strip naked during the inspection.”

After that, the inmate will be quarantined in a specific block for 9-11 days. He said that the food there is tasty and the staff are quite helpful, but they will be more helpful if you bribe them with drugs or tobacco.

Source: Malaysiakini

After the first quarantine, inmates will be sent to the second quarantine block and they usually spend 3-5 days there. “This block is also home for the transsexuals who get a dedicated room for them. Inmates here are always catcalling and trying to hit on them whenever they get the chance, that’s what happens when the guys are repressed sexually.”

He added that the food here is so-so and clean water is hard to get, adding that there could have water cuts for a day or 2 occassionally.

Following this, they will be transferred to their actual block, which the netizen claimed is literally hell.

“Food is very bad, you get so little food sometimes. Water is only from the pipe and its brown in color. Rooms are small, to live and sleep comfortably, the max capacity is 8 people, but 12-14 people get stuffed per room. Sometimes you can’t even breathe when you’re sleeping,” they said.

“Half the rooms, the toilet is stuck and not working, so the shit smell is all over the room. You’re forced to shit on the floor and flush your shit through a small hole.”

Source: Suhakam

“Request for medical attention are always ignored unless you’re close to death. The staff inmates are rarely helpful unless you bribe them with tobacco or other drugs. Skin diseases like scabies and tuberculosis are rampant,” they added.

That’s not the worst and the netizen said that the minimal light caused the cells to be filled with mosquitos. “You can’t run away or do anything because you’re trapped in the room. I’ve seen people with horrible skin due to all the mosquitoes ravaging their skin daily.”

“I believe that they purposely breed them to torture us, the water inside are never changed, so they become breeding grounds. The cleanliness of the whole block is extremely low and only makes things worse.”

“Their beatings are also crazy. People call them Unit Kaki Pukul inside due to the amount of beatings they give inmates,” the netizen claimed.

Despite a prison being a place to punish criminals, it’s a place for them to repent and turn over a new leaf. We do hope that prisons can be reformed to make lives for inmates in prisons better.

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