Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Watch: Student plays with fire extinguisher to celebrate the end of their SPM examination

Social NewsWatch: Student plays with fire extinguisher to celebrate the end of their...

SPM is one major examination in a Malaysian student’s schooling life and it’s definitely worth celebrating after the end of the examination.

There are many ways of celebrating it, with some going out for lunch at a restaurant and some going on playing for the entire day.

However, things have gone wild with some students, where a bunch of students celebrated the end of their examination by playing with a fire extinguisher inside the school compound.

Source: Facebook

The video was originally uploaded on TikTok by a user but was taken down as soon as they met with backlashes from netizens. Despite having the video taken down, it resurfaced online and has since gone viral.

In the video, the students can be seen playing with the safety equipment in the school canteen. It was then revealed that they were actually “celebrating” the end of their SPM exams, but the location and the name of the school were not disclosed.

The video had sparked fury among netizens with many commenting that fire extinguishers are not meant to be played with.

“They should enrol themselves into the military, so they’ll know what’s the actual usage of the fire extinguishers are.” a netizen said.

“Poor kitchen aunty who has to clean up the place after that. Stupid kids.” another netizen said as she sympathises the cleaner.

Meanwhile, the fumes from the fire extinguishers are generally non-toxic, but inhaling them can cause irritations such as mild irritations to the nose, lung and throat; shortness of breath; coughing and dizziness and headache.

Having graduated from high school is definitely a bittersweet memory, but we should not have fun at the expense of others.

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