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Watch: Reckless driver rams into delivery rider despite road being clear

Social NewsWatch: Reckless driver rams into delivery rider despite road being clear

While a dashcam can save you from unwanted allegations during a road accident, it can also record how reckless of a driver you are.

Recently, a netizen called Jay Nazril shared a dashcam recording on DashCam Owners Malaysia Facebook group had went viral on social media, with many expressing their anger towards the driver.

Meanwhile, Jay also clarified that he is not the owner of the video and he was just sharing it on the social media.

Source: Facebook

In the video, the road can be seen without any cars except for the driver and a GrabFood delivery rider driving ahead. It seems fairly impossible for an accident to happen, but the reckless driver somehow managed to get into one.

The driver sped ahead, closing the gap between him and the GrabFood delivery rider, then knocked him off.

The accident was reported to have taken place around New Pantai Expressway in Sunway City, Selangor right after the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. According to the dashcam recording, it is believed that the incident took place on Monday (7 February).

Jay said that the the delivery rider broke his shoulder and the surgery may cost him around RM15k to RM20k.

In the comment section, netizens slammed the driver for driving recklessly and ignoring the motorcycle right in front of him.

Some netizens also accused the driver of doing it on purpose, “How can you not see the motorcyclist on a bright sunny afternoon? Looks like a murder attempt.”

Meanwhile, netizens also sympathised with the delivery rider, saying “He’s just trying to earn a living, and his loved ones are waiting back at home. We don’t even know whether he’s had his meal for the day,”

We hope that the authorities will take action against the reckless driver and that the rider will recover fast from his injuries.

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