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Student turned a Kancil into a Lime Green 6-Door Limo

Malaysians are creative when it comes to problem-solving and the latest creation that wowed netizens online is a 6-door Perodua Kancil.

In the viral video clip, the ordinary Perodua Kancil has been transformed into an 8-seater car with 6 doors.

The bright lime green ‘mini-car’ has been transformed into a long and narrow limousine.

The car is a project by a Giat Mara vocational school in Kedah. The vehicle still sports four wheels with the same lime green rims.

Netizens are amazed by the creativity and said the work done is on par with the work done by a foreign engineer.

Despite the ingenious creation, a netizen joked that the passengers in the backseat will be feeling hot because they can’t feel the cool air from the air conditioner.

Maybe it’s something the creators of the compact limo should look into improving.

Since the modified Kancil can seat more people, a netizen jokingly said big families can save money and get a similar Kancil limousine instead of buying a Toyota Vellfire.

Another netizen said they wanted to do the same thing but asked how to fit the middle car doors.

They were curious to know if it’ll ever be allowed to be driven on Malaysian roads by law.

In response to that, someone said anything can happen as long as you pay ‘extra.’


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