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JPJ clarifies that BRA number plate not an issue despite complains about it being inappropriate

Source: Wapcar

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has decided to go ahead with the bidding for the ‘BRA’ number plate series despite its ‘sexual’ connotations.

According to Utusan, JPJ said that for the time being, the department has not placed any restrictions on the use of a series of land vehicle registration plates with certain alphabets.

“Insya-Allah, the number will continue when the time comes after the BQY series ends around next April,” a source from the agency said.

The B series was first introduced by JPJ in 1971 to replace the SL letter series created by the British as the first state to use the new format since 1948.

The series became very popular in the country after gaining independence because Selangor was the largest economic center at the moment before being overtaken by the W plate for the Federal Territory in 1996.

As of now, the B series number plate has just passed the the BQV series and it will soon reach the turn of new middle letter, BRA, in April, depending on the vehicle sales situation.

The controversy sparked when the three alphabets b, r and a combines to sound like a woman’s undergarment and people might be sensitive about it.

Meanwhile, JPJ does not see the combination of alphabets as an issue and said that this is just a public perception. However, for JPJ, such a combination does not symbolise any specific meaning.

For example, the previous combination of the BMW number plate series was a hit when it first came out in 2014. Many had perceived that the BMW series carries value as it is the same combination of alphabets for the famous luxury brand.

Another example is the JEW series in Johor, where certain parties had raised concerns about the combination of alphabets as it refers to the religion Judaism.

Other combinations that can also spell out words and acronyms such as TAX in Terengganu, KFC in Kedah, RM in Perlis, and WWW in the Federal Territory.

As of yet, JPJ does not have a policy against the combination of letters possibly having negative implications.

In comparison to our neighbours in Singapore, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) had banned alphabet combinations from SEA to SEZ due to protests against the SEX series.

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