Friday, December 9, 2022

PAS leader calls for ‘name and shame’ of corrupted politicians in school textbooks

NewsPAS leader calls for 'name and shame' of corrupted politicians in school...

A PAS leader had proposed to name the corrupted politicians and tales of their crimes should be published in school textbooks as a lesson for all.

In a podcast on HarakahTV, Party information chief, Khairil Nizam Khirudin said he was frightened to see leaders getting involved in politics merely to make easy money, and that sharing these stories in schools could serve as a lesson to students from an early age.

He then recall when he first got the idea while speaking at speaking at an anti-graft forum where he was the only member of a political party who took up the invitation.

“The moderator had said that I was brave to accept the invitation to attend an anti-corruption forum. I said: why should I be afraid when I am not involved in graft?

“This question arose because many people believe politicians like bribes,” he said in a podcast on HarakahTV.

He then suggested that politicians who are proven guilty in court should have their stories told in the school syllabus so that people will know that even a politician is not allowed to be corrupt and that action will be taken against them.

“Only then will our children know that politics is not to get rich, but rather to serve the nation and rakyat.” he said.

Meanwhile, Khairil Nizam did not mention any names, but this appeared to be a swipe at UMNO leaders currently embroiled in court cases.

The relationship between PAS and UMNO has been deteriorating of late, with the two Muafakat Nasional (MN) component parties openly attacking each other.

Last week, Khairil Nizam said that PAS is considering cutting all ties with UMNO and cited the betrayals committed by a certain faction within UMNO that led to the collapse of the previous Perikatan Nasional government and triggering a series of state elections.

He said PAS would call for an emergency assembly, or muktamar if there is strong support from members to sever ties with its MN partner.

“We will then table this to the PAS Syura Council to make it a policy. At the moment, we call on our members to be patient, because the action we are taking has to be strategised and not made too hastily,” he said.

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