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Najib had his accounts froze and can only withdraw RM100,000 a month, but netizens were not happy with it

On Tuesday (8 February), 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and its four subsidiaries had managed to obtain a High Court order to freeze Najib’s assets and limit him to only be able to withdraw a maximum of RM100,000 monthly.

According to Judicial Commissioner Atan Mustaffa Yussof Ahmad, the Mareva injunction was granted to stop the former prime minister from disposing of or reducing the value of any of his assets in Malaysia up to US$681 million (≈RM2.85 billion).

The Mareva injunction is said to be applied worldwide too.

Source: Concil of Foreign Relations

Following the news, netizens were quick to express their thoughts on social media, saying that RM100,000 per month is way too much for the former prime minister.

“RM100,000 is the sum that normal citizens earn per year. But for him, it’s his monthly spending. Means he still has a lot of money. Only in Malaysia,” a netizen said.

“I pity him, he can only withdraw RM100,000. Must be hard to live especially with KL’s high living costs.” another netizen said with sacarsm.

Meanwhile, many believed that Najib should be made living like the average Malaysian who draws as much as the basic salary from work.

“Just allow him to only withdraw as much as a basic salary per month. See if he can survive or not,” a netizen demanded.

Another netizen suggested an RM10,000 limit for Najib, which seems to be much more generous.

If you are earning RM100,000 a month? How would you spend the money? Let us know in the comments.


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