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MUDA apologises for controversial anti-corruption poster

Source: Twitter

The Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) has recently found itself under the limelight after they released a poster urging a stop to corruption whilst also implying that other political parties and coalitions such as BN, PH, PKR and PN all had their fair share in such practice.

The post has since been deleted but netizens managed to get a screenshot of the posting and they had expressed their disappointment and anger towards MUDA for creating such a poster.

After it went viral, MUDA Negeri Sembilan’s information chief Redzuan Ahmed had explained the objective of the poster and colour themes used based from the input of other things.

Source: Twitter

“It has nothing to do with the logo or flag of a political party. I’m sure about that. We respect each other. Stay positive.” he said, adding that the intended poster was not supposed to have logos of the political parties on top. “They mistakenly uploaded posters with logos.”

He also explained that the colour theme used has no relation to the flags of political parties, but instead, a colour tone was used.

Despite his explanation, netizens were not convinced and they believed that these colours related to the major political parties and coalitions were picked intentionally.

“It is truly ironic that you have chosen the 4 colours which are familiarised with the colour of the parties, but not even one was wearing a black coat, even though that is a basic colour for a coat.”

“Oh I forgot, black is the colour of MUDA…” a netizen said.

Following the incident, MUDA has released a statement apologising for the poster. The statement reads, “Discussions with Kedah’s MUDA information department revealed that the poster was not approved and was intentionally done with bad intentions.”

Meanwhile, MUDA’s national information chief Luqman Long said they have suspended Kedah MUDA information from any MUDA related activities.

“I take full responsibility for the mistake last night. The post does not reflect Muda’s principles and affected the relationship with our friends in the opposition.”

“I leave it to the Muda leadership to decide to take any disciplinary action,” he said.

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