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‘Corpse’ wrapped in plastic & dumped in an alley turns out to be a wax doll

Police received a call from a concerned waste management worker on Tuesday afternoon, 8 February, about a ‘body’ that was wrapped in plastic in an alley behind a shop.

Shah Alam police chief ACP Baharudin Mat Taib said the incident occurred at around 3 pm. A team was immediately dispatched to a motorcycle shop in Section 27, Shah Alam to investigate the ‘gruesome’ find.

“We received a call from a Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd waste management worker, claiming that he had found a body there,” he said in a statement on Wednesday, 9 February.

A forensic team was also dispatched to the scene of the crime.

Upon arrival, investigators found what appeared to be a human corpse wrapped tightly in plastic and a blanket, curled in the foetal position.

Later on, the team unraveled the sheet and plastic to examine the package, only to find a wax doll in the shape of a woman.

“We have classified the case as no offence disclosed, as we have found no criminal element in the case,” Baharudin said.

He also advised the public against speculating on the pictures depicting the discovery of a ‘corpse’ that have since gone viral on social media.

Netizens were highly amused, with some feeling sorry for the authorities that were sent to investigate the ‘crime scene’.


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