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Residents in Penang surprised by a freak storm last evening that uproot trees and blew off rooftops

A violent storm had caught a lot of people by surprise and wreaked havoc in several parts in Penang on Tuesday (8 February) evening.

Several videos and pictures of trees uprooted and damaged vehicles from the locals had went circulated on social media. It is believed that the storm and strong winds hit the island at around 5 p.m.

Meanwhile, the hawker center next to the Sri Derima HDB flat in Newport had its entire zinc awning overturned, hitting several cars and motorcycles parked next to it, causing a mess at the scene.

The trees along the Zaina Abidin Road, Tenggu Road, Penang Hill and Tanjung Bunga had fallen and smashed into some leisure stone tables and chairs. One of the uprooted trees even fell on top of a car.

On the other hand, motorist on the Penang bridge were also affected by the strong winds that forced them to stop by the bridge and seek shelter. Some who were fishing under the bridge had to tie themselves the pillar and hold on strongly.

Source: Facebook

The storm only stopped after about an hour and there were no floods or casualties reported so far.

The Penang Island City Hall, Fire Department and Civil Defence Force have since dispatched their personnel to various areas to carry out clean-up works.

On their Facebook pages, they have advised people to be careful while being outdoors especially under these weathers, as well as to keep an eye on their family members.

Previously, the Malaysian Meteorological Department issued a secondary warning on strong winds and rough seas around 5 p.m. on Tuesday. The thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong winds were expected hit Perlis, Kedah and Penang.

The forecast predicted strong winds up to 50 km/h and rough seas with waves reaching 3.5m.

Meanwhile, MetMalaysia’s long-term weather analysis said that Malaysia is now in the midst of the North-East monsoon season and it will continue into March 2022.


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