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Namewee’s Bollywood Music Video “Curry & Roti” reaches 4 MILLION views

When it comes to music, movies, and adverts, Malaysians love it when the story centres on the concept of how we embrace our multicultural and multiracial backgrounds.

Filmmaker and artist, Namewee, who is widely known for his projects which revolve around the 1 Malaysia concept, recently released a movie called Nasi Lemak 1.0 which is currently out in cinemas.

It appears that Malaysians loved the message that was highlighted in the movie. Namewee released a music video for one of the songs which were used in the movie.

The music video of the song called “Curry & Roti” was shot in a Bollywood style and featured Namewee himself along with actress Sanjna Suri.

The music video featured the 2 singing and dancing around at a beach wearing full costumes expressing their love for each other and comparing themselves to the perfect combination of curry and roti.

Although the song was sung in English with a few local slangs put in, subtitles in Malay and Mandarin were included as well.

The music video has garnered plenty of views and has currently been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube.

Netizens praised Namewee for consistently promoting Malaysia and all the different cultures and races we have.


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