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Malaysian farmers rather dump their vegetables than sell them due to “low price”, but consumers are still paying a top price at the retail market

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Farmers in Malaysia would rather dump their freshly harvested vegetables than sell them to the people. This may sound absurd, but there is a valid reason as to why they did so.

One of the affected farmers, CK Pang, had to dump a huge pile of ladies fingers due to a drastic drop in prices caused by overproduction. He added that the ladies’ fingers are now worth less than a ringgit per kilo (farmers’ price).

He also recorded a video of the dumping and uploaded it to social media, at the same time pleading for the authorities to take necessary measures such as minimum prices for the produce.

“Farmers would not be able to cover their cost with the low prices. It would be cheaper to throw the vegetables away than to pack it for sale,” he claimed.

Pang said he initially intended to give them away for free, and people could just collect them from his farm. However, he said the vegetables are starting to rot and are no longer fit for consumption.

Source: Aeon

Meanwhile, netizens were quick to point out the price difference between what the farmers get for their produce and how much consumers had to pay for their vegetables.

According to Facebook user Goon Chin Choy, he claimed that ladies fingers are sold at RM3.50 per 200g at a supermarket in Kota Baru, Kelantan, and this is a huge difference from what the farmers are getting.

Vegetables may soon be even more expensive

According to Cameron Highlands’ Vegetable Farmers Organisation president Datuk Chai Kok Lim, the price controls are dampening agricultural investment and growth, at the same time affecting the livelihood of farmers.

“In agriculture, prices are subject to strong fluctuations, while the production cost, such as fertilizers, has gone up tremendously.” he was quoted saying by TRP.

He then made the yau mak (romaine lettuce) an example, saying that it can fetch the farmers RM8 per kg but is not more than RM1.50 per kg recently.

Source: Today Online

However, consumers still have to may an exorbitant price for vegetables.

Chai explained that farmers are ought to be paid a minimum for their produce, which is guaranteed by the government. He added that it is only fair as the government puts a ceiling price when demand is much more than supply.

Chait also cited the current chicken price fiasco and warned that there will be a time when vegetables will be so expensive due to a drastic drop in production.

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