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Netizens slammed BN for holding political campaign in Johor without observing the SOPs

The Health Ministry had recently confirmed that the Omicron-wave had just started in the country, and we are seeing a huge surge in Covid-19 daily cases in the past few days.

Despite the health concerns, politicians in our country are still keen on power-grabbing and the upcoming Johor state election is another example of it.

The Inforoadblock Facebook page had recently shared a video of a political campaign held by Barisan Nasional (BN) in Johor, where hundreds can be seen near each other, standing in a crowd as they waved BN flags.

Inforoadblock wrote in the caption, “SOPs have been dumped into the deep ocean.”

Naturally, netizens were not happy to see events of such scale and especially so when the SOPs were being ignored.

“When the case numbers go up, of course, the people will be the ones they blame.” a netizen pointed out.

“Yay, looks like we’re not celebrating Hari Raya this year. Politicians are being pigs.” another netizen said.

One netizen claimed that politicians only cared for the prosperity of their own and their cronies and the country will be a failed state because of these politicians who are hungry for power and corrupted.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, campaigning for the election is the right of all parties and, understandably, politicians would want a chance to promote themselves for the people to vote for them. However, this can be done while adhering to the SOPs.

Hopefully, the authorities will take appropriate action against the organisers of this event.

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