Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Local trading ‘sifu’ got exposed for lying about owning a private plane to promote his business

Social NewsLocal trading 'sifu' got exposed for lying about owning a private plane...

A ‘trading sifu’ has recently gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons and was exposed by a netizen who caught him lying about having his own luxury private jet.

This self-proclaimed ‘sifu’, known as Anai Anai Trader, recently shared a few photos of himself striking a pose in front of a luxury private jet, which he claimed to have bought as a result of the success of his trading business on his Facebook.

“I was living life without a purpose in the past. I had a job which offered a salary of only RM2,000 and was ditched by my fiancée who cheated on me with another more successful man.”

Source: Facebook

“Only God knows how hurt I was at that time. I was also depressed, I didn’t leave my house for 3 months. Perhaps luck was on my side, I was introduced by a friend during my uni days to stocks and trading,” Anai-Anai Trader wrote in the post.

However, as his story began to make rounds on social media, many were sceptical about it. Many also pointed out that scammers often use similar writings to deceive those who are eager to look for easy and quick money.

Things became more suspicious when netizens pointed out that the sticker on his private jet went missing in another photo shared by him on his socials.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user shared some of his findings on the case too. The user, Muhammad Nur Iman has called out one of these ‘sifus’ for allegedly lying about owning a private plane.

He added that the plane actually belongs to a Gulfstream private jet registered from the United States docked at Subang and Kuching airports in the past few days before departing back to Dubai.

After the exposé, netizens urged the public to always be aware and double check the credibility of these online trading ‘sifus’ before choosing to invest in one.

“Malaysia is clearly a heaven for scammers.” a netizen said.

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