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Here’s your chance to get a limited edition Durian-themed keycap made from completely pewter!

LifestyleHere's your chance to get a limited edition Durian-themed keycap made from...

If you are a fan of mechanical keyboards, this new limited edition artisan keycap will be the perfect addition to your collection!

A Malaysian-based custom keyboard outfit, Rebult Keyboards has recently announced that it will be collaborating with Royal Selangor to come out with a limited edition keycap that is made from pewter.

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The limited-edition keycap is given the name “Durian Artisan Pewter Keycap” and you’ve guessed it, the keycap features the king of fruits – durian.

The Durian Artisan Pewter Keycap is said to be made from a master mould that was handmade by a Royal Selangor sculptor and finished by hand. Meanwhile, this is also the first time Royal Selangor has made a keycap for mechanical keyboards.

While the company did not give many details of the Durian Artisan Pewter Keycap’s specifications, Rebult Keyboard does state that there may be some imperfections on the keycap.


Rebult Keyboards explained that this is because of the way the mould is constructed, the base is ever so slightly off-centred and there’s a noticeable gap between the keycap and the key to the right of it when on a keyboard. There’s also a slight spillover in between the base keycap and the durian too.

Meanwhile, Rebult Keyboards said that only 200 pieces of the keycaps will be made available for sale and each of them will be accompanied by a numbered authentication card.

The keycaps will be priced at RM359 each and they can be obtained through Rebult’s website on 19 February at 10 p.m. Malaysian time.

For more information on the Durian Artisan Pewter Keycap, you can check out its product page on the Rebult Keyboards website.

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