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Watch: Filipino man sends email from his laptop while parasailing in Boracay

Social NewsWatch: Filipino man sends email from his laptop while parasailing in Boracay

Speaking about commitment to work, this man should be crowned for his enthusiasm towards his work.

Recently, a Filipino man has become an Internet star after a video of him sending emails from his laptop while parasailing in Boracay went viral on social media.

Sales professional Denver Poria uploaded a video of him balancing the laptop on his knees while strapped to the parasail on Facebook last Friday (25 January) and it soon garnered over 4,000 views and left netizens amused.

Speaking to Coconuts, Denver said he had been working mostly from his phone, but thought it would be funny if he sends his boss a video of him responding to emails via his laptop while on his vacation.

The perfect opportunity came when he and his cousins decided to go parasailing.

“I already finished the client’s quote, let me just look for wi-fi signal ’cause data is so slow!” he wrote in the caption of his video.

“I thought of bringing my laptop because I couldn’t send a quote to our client, I just kept relaying orders through the phone,” Denver said.

Fortunately, Denver’s boss took the joke well and he swore at him before bursting into laughter and told him that he was crazy.

Although the stunt he pulled off was a success, Denver admitted that the strong winds had made him a little nervous while bringing his laptop up with him into the air.

“I told myself this was fine — just so the boss wouldn’t get angry since I didn’t tell him I was going on a trip,” he said.

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