Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Indonesia blames Malaysia for floods in parts of Indonesia, calling them “Banjir Kiriman Malaysia”

Social NewsIndonesia blames Malaysia for floods in parts of Indonesia, calling them "Banjir...

The relationship between Malaysians and Indonesians are somewhat similar to brothers on bad terms, where we share many similarities, but each wanted to prove that they are more superior.

Last month, the monsoon season had brought about an incredible amount of rain and thus, causing floods in several parts of Malaysia. As Indonesia shares a similar climate with Malaysia due to its geographic location, it had suffered the same fate as Malaysia, experiencing devastating floods too.

However, Indonesians have blamed Malaysia and claimed that the floods that hit parts of Indonesia were from Malaysia, thus calling it “Banjir kiriman Malaysia” or “flood sent from Malaysia”.

According to Kompas.com, a news portal from Indonesia, the Nunukan Natural Disaster Action Agency spokesman Mulyadi said that the flooding in the Nunukan district originated from the Sungai Talangkai in Sapulut, Sabah.

Mulyadi said that the frequent water overflowing in the Sungai Talangkai in Sapulut had caused floods in Nunukan, Indonesia.

Source: Kompas

He also estimated the value of losses due to the floods ‘sent’ by Malaysia on 4 January amounts to 60 billion rupiah (≈RM17.5 million), which is about the same as the amount recorded in 2017.

“Total losses are calculated based on damage to infrastructure, housing, agriculture, trade and socio-economic damage in the flood-affected areas.”

He added that a total of 2,235 infrastructures were damaged and the number of victims reached 15,083.

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