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CIMB bank customers demands their account to be unfrozen after their accounts got frozen due to the bank’s ‘processing error’

Social NewsCIMB bank customers demands their account to be unfrozen after their accounts...

A group of above 100 account holders of CIMB Bank Bhd (CIMB) had slammed the bank for allegedly freezing 11,000 accounts without notifying the holders following the bank’s recently processing error.

A spokesman of the group said the bank’s action of freezing their accounts for the past week is inappropriate and affected many of their daily financial affairs.

Using himself as an example, the spokesman, Mohd Aimullah said “In my case, there was an account freeze on 25 January and I could not withdraw even RM10. I contacted the bank and they informed me it was their fault due to a system problem.”

After this incident, he and others who were in a similar situation had sent a memorandum to Malaysia Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) lead activist Datuk Nadzim Johan and are seeking PPIM’s help to resolve the problem.

In response to the incident, Nadzim called for the bank to take responsibility for its errors.

Source: Facebook

“Whether due to the bank’s negligence or system failure, CIMB needs to take responsibility and right its wrongs,” he said.

“The central bank, too, needs to provide answers as it is the supervising body for all banks,” he said.

Meanwhile, the problem arose after an error by CIMB left accounts frozen and their holders in debt due to “excess amounts” credited by the bank into their accounts.

Following the mistake, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) said the bank is now trying to recover the excess amount credited to their customers.

However, netizens on social media said both the bank and account holders have a responsibility to bear. While the bank had done wrong, so did the account holders if they used the extra money in their account despite not knowing its source.

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