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Watch: Cars get into accident after being stopped out of a sudden for VIP convoy to pass-through

Malaysians generally have a bad impression of VIP convoys as they disturbed the traffic just to allow a person to pass through with convenience, and more importantly, most had ignored the importance of emergency vehicles such as ambulances or even fire trucks.

On 4 February, a video showing a few vehicles got into an accident had gone viral on social media and you’ve guessed the reason, the drivers were trying to make way for a VIP convoy again.

In the video, it can be seen that the Perodua Kelisa had crashed into the Proton Wira as the driver was unable to slow down his car in time.

Meanwhile, it is understood that the Proton Wira had stopped suddenly after seeing a hand signal by police escorting the VIP.

Despite the accident, the vehicle of the VIP passes through with its escort as if nothing had happening.

Source: Twitter

Naturally, netizens were furious about this and have expressed their anger at the VIP who did not at least stop to check on their victims.

Netizens also sympathise with the 2 victims who should not have to bear the damage caused by others.

Some even said that the VIP escorts are nothing but a waste of taxpayers money. Some also suggested the VIPs to build their own road if they want to avoid traffic.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time Malaysians expressed their dissatisfaction at the VIP convoys, with the recent one being an ambulance forced to make way for the VIP to pass through.

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