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Taxi drivers in Malaysia want the government to its nationwide e-hailing platform to save their damaged industry

Source: Kuala Lumpur

The Penyatuan Pemain Industri Pengangkutan Darat Malaysia (PPDM) has called for the government to develop a nationwide ride-hailing platform to improve the country’s damaged taxi ecosystem.

The organisation was made up of association leaders, operators and drivers involved in the country’s land transport industry, including those involved in taxis, busses, lorries, e-hailing, and p-hailing.

According to PPDM’s memorandum to the Prime Minister’s office, the organisation claimed that e-hailing companies had robbed the industry of billions of ringgit and damaged the country’s taxi industry ecosystem, as well as created disharmony among taxi and e-hailing drivers.

Source: Malay Mail

PPDM then said the billions of ringgit gained from the government-run ride-hailing service could be used to upgrade the quality of taxi services and provide insurance coverage schemes to taxi drivers and vehicles.

They added that the gains could also be used to provide scholarships for their children and compensation of RM100,000 to their heirs.

“In short, money from the industry will be returned to the industry and not allowed to be robbed out of the country, which has been the case all along,” the memorandum said.

Source: Malay Mail

In addition, PPDM demanded the government to remove the existing double standards in taxi and ride-hailing services and apply consistent fare rates and regulations between both industries.

“This is because both services carry out the same activities, which is to take passengers from one destination to another by charging a certain rate,” PPDM said.

PPDM added that they had sent several letters to the transport ministry and its minister, pleading for a solution to their problems. However, there were no solutions to the issues.

“As a result of that action, we as workers of the industry have had to go through a difficult and painful life. On that realisation, we think it is time for us to make changes, we will work with any component party that is willing to comply with our demands,” it said.

This is not the first time taxi operators had demanded government’s intervention in the ride-hailing industry. In the past, various taxi groups have demanded the authorities to ban the use of private cars for ride-hailing services, saying their presence will affect their livelihoods.

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