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Man in Ipoh went berserk after being told to wear a mask

A man who allegedly assaulted people and destroyed property at an Ipoh restaurant yesterday has been detained by police for causing hurt and mischief.

The man had reportedly walked into a restaurant at Ipoh Garden East without a mask and became enraged after being told to wear one.

In a video posted on Twitter, the man was seen carrying a wooden stick, breaking all items in the shop. In the same video, it appears that the shopkeepers and others beat him up while being pinned face down on the road.

It was an ugly scene as the public beat the man continuously, including with the stick that was used to thrash up the coffee shop.

According to passersby, a siew yuk seller who was holding a cleaver also joined in the melee.

Thankfully, he at least had the sense to put down his cleaver on the ground before ‘helping out’.

While the beating went on, the butcher’s knife was retrieved by others in fear it could be used as a weapon.

Ipoh district police chief Yahaya Hassan said the man had been placed in remand until Feb 8. He said a report was also lodged by the man’s next-of-kin, claiming that he was assaulted in public.

“We advise the public not to take the law into their own hands and do not make speculations that can affect police investigation,” Yahaya said in a statement.


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