Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Kelantan plans to improve internet access in rural areas with satellite internet service

NewsKelantan plans to improve internet access in rural areas with satellite internet...

The Kelantan state government is planning to use satellite technology in order to increase internet coverage in rural areas after it identified 200 locations in the state that lack internet access.

Menteri Besar Ahmad Yakob said that the improvement efforts are being implemented with the cooperation of state agency Kelantan ICT Gateway and BinaNet.

“Insya Allah, through this cooperation, we will be able to provide internet services via satellite to the people in the state, especially those in rural areas,” he was quoted saying by Bernama.

Ahmad also said that BinaNet will provide internet connectivity that will help people in terms of education and e-commerce through the Rural Satellite Internet Service initiative (PeSAT).

Under this initiative, telecommunication transmitters would be installed in 50 schools that are under the supervision of Yayasan Islam Kelantan (YIK).

“This will also enable students at the schools to get better internet access to facilitate their learning process,” he said.

As for the cost of using the satellite for internet access, Ahmad said the pricing will be up to the service provider and that Kelantan ICT Gateway is only providing the infrastructure.

He added that there will be daily and monthly plans while based on photos from the PeSAT launch event showed that it will be a prepaid Wi-Fi service, but the price wasn’t revealed.

In 2020, the Economic Affairs Minister Mustapa Mohamed said that 4G network coverage in Kelantan will reach 96.3% in 2022 after an allocation of more than RM700 million to improve the state’s digital infrastructure.

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