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UiTM’s quota system once again sparked a heated debate among Malaysians on Twitter

On 3 February, UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) went trending on Twitter with thousands of netizens debating on the university’s policy to accept only the Bumiputera students.

However, the topic is not something new and had been going on for years. The matter debated was whether UiTM should be open to all races, including the non-Bumis?

In 2015, UiTM’s pro-chancellor Tan Sri Dr Arshad Ayub had proposed to open its doors to all races in Malaysia, but it was immediately rejected by Perkasa Youth chief, Irwan Fahmi Ideris, who claimed that non-Bumis are free to enter any other institutions other than UiTM and UiTM remained open only to the Bumiputera.

Source: Kosmo

He added that allowing other races to enrol into UiTM postgraduate programmes will threaten the future of the Bumiputera community, especially given that they had such a small slice of the economic pie.

“Why must the special rights of the Bumiputeras in this university be disturbed? The excuse that it would allow for healthy competition and produce more intellectuals is not strong enough.”

Source: FMT

“There are many more public universities for non-Bumiputeras in Malaysia. UiTM is the only higher education institution that still champions the Bumiputeras and today UiTM is trying to threaten its position,” he said.

Back in 2022, the topic is still popular among netizens and many had mixed reactions to the debate. There is a sizeable amount of netizens who supported that the institution should be opened to all, while some disagreed with the suggestion.

Those who were supporting the idea said the existing policy is unfair given some Malaysians can’t enrol on the place just because of their race.

Meanwhile, some who disagreed demanded that vernacular schools be abolished as a move for them to open up the institution for all. Though this fact was trashed by another netizen who said this is irrelevant as all races are accepted into vernacular schools, but not for UiTM.

There were some alumni from UiTM who supported the move and revealed that the Bumi quota policy had only benefited the rich and is unfair to the minority.

While the debate goes on, let’s share your opinion in the comment section below.


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