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S’poreans are outrage over New York Times S’porean Chicken Curry tutorial video

American newspaper of record The New York Times has caused outrage in Singapore.

That’s exactly what Singaporeans are saying after The New York Times’s cooking channel, NYT Cooking, released a tutorial on Instagram Reels on how to make Singaporean Chicken Curry. And we have to say, it’s bad.

NYT Cooking wrote, “What we’re making for Lunar New Year: Clarissa Wei’s Singaporean Chicken Curry!”

In the video, the Taipei-based freelance journalist, Clarissa Wei, could be seen marinating the chicken in salt, pepper and lime juice. She then seared the chicken in ghee before removing the chicken from the wok, lowering the heat and throwing in some onions. She also adds garlic, ginger and spices.

After that, she puts the chicken back in along with broth and lets it simmer before topping the dish off with coconut milk. And let’s just say, the end-product does not look like curry.

Singaporeans were clearly not happy with how the curry was being presented for to them, the dish apparently looked exactly like the drain water in Singapore. Honestly, you can’t deny that the dish does not look like curry.

While it is unsure as to where the freelance journalist got the recipe from, but maybe it’s about time to throw it out and find a better, more authentic one.


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