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Price control on chicken is backfiring with suppliers allegedly limiting supply

Social NewsPrice control on chicken is backfiring with suppliers allegedly limiting supply

Earlier this week, the government has announced that the ceiling price of chicken will be further reduced by 20 cents, from RM9.10 to RM8.90, to help allow more people to afford it.

However, it seems that the people are still struggling to get this commodity as suppliers allegedly hold back their stock until they are allowed to sell at a higher price.

According to Muar MP, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, he shared that stall owners at Pasar Taman Dahlia now close by 10 a.m. because they do not have enough chickens to sell and to stay open longer.


“Many chicken sellers at the Taman Dahlia Market have complained. They are forced to raise the prices of chickens or the suppliers will block their supply of chicken.” Syed Saddiq wrote in his Facebook post.

He explained that stall owners in the past would receive 300 chickens to sell a day, but they were only supplied with 50 now.

“Before this, with a lot of chicken in stock, they can sell up until noon. Here am I, arriving at 10 a.m., all of them have closed. How can a seller make a profit if they only sell 50 chickens a day?”

Source: The Sun Daily

“This started happening before Chinese New Year. It may last until Hari Raya. I’m so worried, this is so concerning!” he said.

Meanwhile, stall owners at Pasar Taman Dahlia are not the only ones who suffered from this. According to a report by Sinar Harian, it is said that Pasar Harian Selayang has also reported a disruption in chicken supply, with some of them only receiving 20-30 chickens a day.

This move from the suppliers have allegedly cause prices to surge again.

“I asked for 80 chickens but the supplier only gave me 20-30 chickens, so I can only sell to those who have booked early, there are no extras for ‘walk-in’ customers.” a stall owner was quoted saying by Sinar Harian during the interview.

The stall owner added that they are not sure as to what the motive of the suppliers is. As of now, nobody knows whether there is no supply or the suppliers are withholding stock for the sake of higher prices.

Nonetheless, the authorities should look into the issues in the supply chain and resolve them as soon as possible, so consumers and stall owners will not suffer from this.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

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