Tuesday, January 31, 2023

After Evian water fiasco, netizens spotted Govt wrapped mineral water bottle with napkins

Social NewsAfter Evian water fiasco, netizens spotted Govt wrapped mineral water bottle with...

The Malaysian government had recently come under fire for being ignorant and hypocrites after a video announcing special chicken prices were released on 31 January. The fiasco came about after netizens spotted expensive bottles of water, Evian, served in the meeting room while the ministers decide the measly price cut.

Shortly after the Evian water fiasco started, Bernama posted on Twitter some new photos from a TVET-coordinating (technical and vocational education and training) body meeting involving the prime minister and several ministers.

This time, netizens found that the ministers had covered up the mineral water bottles with napkins.

Judging by the green caps, it is believed that they are not serving Evian water. However, they decided to cover up the bottles to avoid any further comments from netizens.

Meanwhile, netizens tried guessing which mineral water the ministers were served. The answers ranged from Spritzer to the French-produced Volvic water.

Nonetheless, netizens said it is too late to cover up and such action only showed that they really have something to hide.

Some pointed out that this showed the government is listening to what the people is saying but they choose to help themselves more than us.

On contrary, some argued that the people got mad at the ministers for no reason because it was just drinking water.

Nedim Nazri, the son of Padang Rengas MP Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, criticised netizens who took issue with the brand of mineral water. He also questioned whether these young generations are the future leaders Malaysians want.

Local actress Tiz Zaqyah also commented on the matter and asked whether drinking Evian water is wrong, adding that the people should focus on more important issues.

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