Thursday, March 30, 2023

“Stop normalise the culture of overworking” A netizen said overworking takes a toll on ones mental health

Lifestyle"Stop normalise the culture of overworking" A netizen said overworking takes a...

Most bosses in Malaysia value working more hours than being efficient at work. It is this reason that caused many Malaysians to overwork and got burnout.

Despite having your daily work done, most would just get themselves an additional task instead of getting to go back earlier. Nonetheless, Malaysians are used to this working culture and accepted that this is their faith in adulthood or working life.

Recently, a Twitter user @xatyrosdi had spoken up for Malaysian workers and urged people to stop romanticising the culture of overworking. She wrote in her tweet, “I spent my 20s overworking, and I missed a lot of things. The craziest thing I’ve ever done? Stayed till 6 a.m., went home to shower, n went back to work at 8.30 a.m. in the dot.”

“Because back then, I feel like I need to prove something” she added.

Meanwhile, Rosdi explained that she was being rewarded for her “working ethics” back then, but it was exhausting. She said she had gained a lot of weight and it took a toll on her mental health too.

“When you die, no one’s gonna remember how you overwork yourself. They are going to remember how you were there for them. So live a little.” she added.

Nonetheless, there are a mixed reaction from netizens, with some supporting Rosdi, while the remaining said they never regretted overworking due to the rewards they are reaping from it.

“I never regret overworking in my 20s. I gained so much knowledge and experience, and I had fun along the way. Although I did not go on leave for a year and bathe at the office most of the time, I cherish every little moment of it. But I would never impose that on anyone else as everyone is different.” a netizen said.

“People should keep in mind that you are not indispensable. If you got sick, the company will just ask you when are you gonna be back? If you got sicker and can’t work anymore, they will let you go and replace you with someone else.” another said.

A netizen even pointed out that overworking is common when working as a banker. He also revealed that the habit runs through until retirement and most die within a few years as the body can’t cope with abrupt inactivity.

With this, Rosdi said it is important to that people be hardworking, but not overwork ourselves, adding that there is a fine line in between hardworking and overworking.

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