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M’sians outraged after spotting expensive Evian Water served at a government meeting on the cost of living

Social NewsM’sians outraged after spotting expensive Evian Water served at a government meeting...

On Monday (31 January), the government has announced the ceiling price of chicken will be further reduced by 20 cents, from RM9.10 to RM8.90.

When announcing this on Twitter, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) shared a video showing the meeting in which the decision was made, but the observant netizens soon notice something in the video that cause the people to lash out their wrath at the leaders.

Source: Twitter

Netizens spotted that Evian water bottles were served at the meeting and this was what triggered the outrage among netizens.

Evian water isn’t exactly cheap and the people were disappointed that the authorities continued to live luxuriously, while the people struggle to afford food.

“Wasted so much time and money. In the end it drops by 20 cents. Why don’t you all downgrade your mineral water first? The people have to be frugal with their daily expenditure and yet, they the government can drink premium water. How are they going to face God?” a netizen said.

“National Council on Cost of Living meeting. They serve Evian mineral water that’s RM8 a bottle. Bloody hypocrites.” another netizen said.

Besides Evian water, there were other factors that contribute to the outrage too. This includes the fact that food were served during the meeting and the authorities also spent money on producing a video just to announce a 20 cents drop.

It is saddening to see how the leaders of our country continue to live such luxurious lifestyles while the average Malaysian had to struggle to put a simple meal on the table.

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