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Man uses blowtorch to rid pig trotters of hair over open-drain grills

When someone mentions grilled pig trotters, disembodied pig trotters sitting on drain grills are probably not what comes to mind.

Meanwhile, a sight like this was bound to get others curious which was exactly what a man was seen doing along 82 Macpherson Lane as he sat by the drain grill blowtorching one of six pork trotters.

Burning off hairs on the skin

The video was filmed and shared by TikToker @brucemathieu8 on Jan. 30.

He had encountered this peculiar sight and had to find out more.

As the TikToker approached the unmasked man who was blowtorching the pig trotter, the latter remarked in Mandarin with a heavy accent, “Grilling meat to celebrate the new year”.

The man attested to the taste of the pig trotters when asked by @brucemathieu8, who added in English, “I don’t recommend this.”

Nonetheless, the TikToker continued the conversation by asking in Mandarin, “How long do you have to sear it for?”

“I have to burn off the hairs on the skin completely before scrubbing it clean,” the man replied in Mandarin before adding that he would cook it after performing those tasks.

Both poultry and pork are often singed after slaughter to remove stub feathers and bristles and one can singe pork with a blowtorch.

However, the sight of meat for human consumption placed on drain grills in a public space sparked concerns of hygiene and cleanliness.

The first pig trotter had turned mostly black towards the end of the video and the man started to blowtorch the next one.

@brucemathieu8 continued filming for a little longer before wishing the man “Happy New Year” and backing away.

The man wished him back with a smile before the video ended.


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