Thursday, December 1, 2022

Khairy sues UMNO politician and Muslim preacher for spreading fake news of him and vaccine programmes

NewsKhairy sues UMNO politician and Muslim preacher for spreading fake news of...

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin is getting serious in combating fake news on the Covid-19 vaccination programmes, especially when anti-vaxxers made him a target in supporting their baseless claims.

On Thursday (3 February), it was reported that Khairy has filed defamation suits against former UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Lokman Noor Adam as well as preacher Mohd Rasyiq Mohd Alwi over social media postings linked to the Covid-19 vaccination programmes.

Khairy named Lokman, 49, dan Mohd Rasyiq, 41, as defendants in two separate writs of summons filed through Messrs Rashid Zulkifli last week on 25 January.

Source: The Star

According to his statement of claim, Khairy said Lokman had uploaded 2 videos on his official Facebook page “Lokman Noor Adam Official” and a photography accompanied with a caption on 6 January.

In addition, Lokman had also conducted 2 “live” statements via Facebook and YouTube on 10 January.

Meanwhile, in his statement of claim against Mohd Rasyiq, better known as “Ustaz Abu Syafiq”, Khairy said Rasyiq had defamed him by making 4 statements and publishing 3 videos and a picture via his Instagram account between 20 October and 10 January.

Khairy claimed that all the impugned posts by Lokman and Mohd Rasyiq were plainly false, untrue, unwarranted, unsubstantiated, malicious and mischievous statements against him.

Meanwhile, he did not specify the amount of damages and called for the defendants to remove the remove the alleged defamatory postings. Khairy had demanded a public apology from both Lokman and Rasyiq made via their YouTube pages and other social media accounts.

Khairy also said the several allegations were linked to the government’s Covid-19 vaccination efforts in Malaysia, among which were saying that he acted recklessly and irresponsibly in the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines for the vaccination programmes, as well as claims linked to his Covid-19 vaccination status.

With this, Khairy claimed it had seriously injured his integrity, credit, goodwill, reputation and caused him distress as well as eroded the trust and confidence of the public in his personal and professional capacity.

He added that the publications had caused him to be brought into public scandal, odium, contempt and disrepute.

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