Monday, November 28, 2022

Uncle Kentang works with Prasarana to open a 10 cent store at LRT station!

Social NewsUncle Kentang works with Prasarana to open a 10 cent store at...

Kuan Chee Heng, or better known as Uncle Kentang is well known for his countless philanthropy works in the Klang Valley.

In his latest effort to provide necessities to the underprivileged, he will be working along with Prasarana Malaysia Berhad to open a ’10 cent’ store at an LRT station.

In an announcement on his Facebook page, he wrote “10 cent shop will be at an LRT station soon. We thank Prasarana for offering their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts to us in setting up a 10 cent shop in an LRT station to help the needy.”


Meanwhile, you may be wondering how did he make the 10 cent shop possible.

According to Uncle Kentang, the 10 cent shop will be relying on the goodwill of the community in donating items that you no longer need.

“This will allow kind-hearted people to donate used items and also allow many to buy it at 10 cents,”

“I will also employ partners to work on this shop to make life easier for the needed,” he said.

He added he will be having a site visit at the store on 9 February and hopes the store will soon be open to those in need.

“Welcome to the year of the tiger, where more initiatives will be put forth.” he added.

Meanwhile, those who are able and are looking to do some charity can donate some necessities and the underprivileged can get the help that they need.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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