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The Earth is valued at USD5 Quadrillion, making it the most expensive planet in the Solar System

Have you ever wondered how much the entire earth will cost if you were able to buy it?

Well, to answer your curiosity, Treehugger had recently shared a valuation of our planet and the zeroes in the valuation will have your mind-boggling. The planet Earth is said to be worth $5,000,000,000,000,000 or USD5 Quadrillion (≈RM20,940,000,000,000,000.00), making it among the most expensive planet in the solar system.

According to an assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics from the University of California, Greg Laughlin, the valuation is derived with a special formula to determine the value of the world.

He admitted that the calculations are ‘less’ scientific but consider several factors such as the planet’s mass, temperature, age, and other factors that directly correlate to its ability to sustain life.

Meanwhile, to emphasize how valuable the Earth is, Laughlin also estimated the worth of other planets in our solar system.

Our nearest neighbour Mars costs about the same as a used car at $16,000 (≈RM67,024). That’s a fortune compared to Venus, which he appraised at the meagre value of 1 cent.

However, Laughlin shared that these numbers cannot be ‘applied’ in the real world. Rather, he hopes this will inspire people to better appreciate the only home they know.

Laughlin is not the first person who tried to put a massive, hypothetical price tag on something just for fun.

The cost of the Death Star from Star Wars has been estimated at $852 quadrillion, which is many times Laughlin’s estimate for Earth.

Nonetheless, will you sell off the planet for that amount of money? Share your thoughts!


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