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Recyclable collectors caused huge mess in Ipoh wet market, residents concerned over hygiene issues

Social NewsRecyclable collectors caused huge mess in Ipoh wet market, residents concerned over...

Recyclable collectors are commonly spotted in back alleys, behind shoplots and at garbage disposal sites. Life is tough for them as they have to pick through other people’s trash to make a living.

While we sympathise with them for their situation, it is also painful to see the mess they sometimes leave behind after rummaging the trash.

Yesterday (1 February), the Viral Perak Facebook page shared a 9-second video showing the huge mess left at the SPPK Wet Market dumpsite in Ipoh, at the same time, expressing their grievance.

“It appears that the Ipoh City Council (MBI) always cleans the area but…” they wrote.

It is believed that the mess was caused by recyclable collectors who rummage through trash bags, leaving behind rubbish spewn everywhere.

Source: Foursquare

“In the morning, the rubbish is just fine. Those throwing rubbish would throw it into the bins too. The problem is at night when the recyclable collectors come. It becomes like a party.” a netizen said.

“I believe all business owners tie up their rubbish into plastic bags properly. Messes like this, it is confirmed that recyclable collectors were looking for used items to be sold.” another netizen said.

“Recyclable collectors enjoy rummaging through dustbins and making a mess of the trash. I hope the authorities summon them.” another commented.

It is truly painful having to see such a scene and considering the smells and hygiene issues the mess may produce to the community nearby.

Meanwhile, many had called for the Ipoh City Council to find a permanent solution to this problem.

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