Thursday, March 30, 2023

Here’s your chance to get yourself an airline seat at home! Both economy and business class seats are on sale from RM350 onwards

LifestyleHere's your chance to get yourself an airline seat at home! Both...

Does the idea of having an airline seat as part of the furniture for your home or office ever come across your mind? Well, here’s your chance to own one now!

A local auction house, Kedai Kaki Lelong is now offering interesting airline parts which include economy and business class seats, interior components, and even a jet engine from a Boeing 747.

According to the listing, the economy and business class seats are selling from RM350 while stocks last. You can even visit their outlet in Puchong to choose the seat of your liking.

Source: Facebook

Looking at the photos provided, the colourful seats look similar to the ones previously used by Malaysia Airlines as well as the now-defunct Rayani Air. Nonetheless, these used seats can be an interesting collector’s item if you’re keen on restoring them.

Meanwhile, the Kaki Lelong site had other interesting pieces on auction too. These pieces include an exterior cover for a General Electric jet engine, a Boeing 747 interior panel and even a 747 jet engine!

Source: Facebook

However, there’s no pricing or description provided for the jet engine.

Meanwhile, the seller does appear to have more aircraft parts available and you can contact them via WhatsApp.

These used parts are typically sourced from retired planes after decades of service. We are guessing some parts might come from the abandoned 747s which were left uncollected for years at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

If you are looking for some more practical collectibles, Aviation Tag is selling “aircraft skins” made from old aircraft. They are selling tags made from the very first Airbus A380 for EUR28 (about RM130) each.

Other than Aviation Tag, Malaysia Airlines have partnered with TheSelina to introduce a series of sustainable handbags that uses leather from their business class seats, belts and buckles, tablecloths, and even the cabin crew’s kebaya uniform.

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