Prequel – app turns your photo into cartoons has been making waves in Social Media

Selfie-enthusiasts rejoice, as a new image editing app and filter has suddenly taken social media by storm.

Similar to FaceApp and Voilà AI Artist prior to this, the app known as Prequel also uses AI to enhance your selfies, in this case, into a graphic novel-worthy artwork.

The filter itself is unimaginatively called “Cartoon”, which is also among plenty of other effects that are offered by Prequel for both photo and even video editing. Upon selecting or snapping a selfie via the app, the filter will take a short time to process it into the desired effect.

The portraits look like they were created by a professional artist – just expect a couple of features to be exaggerated, namely the eyes and lips. Below are several examples shared by LadyLessien on Twitter.

However, do keep in mind that most of the work is done in the cloud rather than on your device – again, much like the other two apps that were mentioned earlier. What this means is that all of your selfies will be uploaded to the app’s servers, which may cause concern to privacy-conscious users. 

While the app is free to use and no registration is required, it does sneak in a screen-filling advertisement from time to time to promote its premium services. In that regard, just tap the “X” button on the upper left corner to close the ad and use Prequel’s editing features. On the other hand, subscription will unlock all effects, filters, and beauty tools as well as remove the app’s watermark from edited images and videos. The prequel is available for both Android and iOS devices.