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No more “Gerenti Lulus” package! JPJ plans to revoke the driving school’s permit if they produce reckless drivers

NewsNo more "Gerenti Lulus" package! JPJ plans to revoke the driving school's...

If you are a reckless driver, both you and your driving instructor may soon be in trouble!

The Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) is set to suspend or revoke the permit of driving institutions if they produce many drivers who are found to have committed traffic offences and are involved in road accidents.

The authorities will be including a code on the on the driver’s license which will help them to detect which driving institution the offenders went to.

Source: CarSifu

“If there is a lot of traffic violation records or lethal traffic collisions detected from a driving institutions, we will not hesitate to suspend or revoke the permit,” said the head director of JPJ, Datuk Zailani Hashim.

He added that the method was still at a planning stage and was expected to be listed under the eTesting system. Zailani also shared that 80% of road accidents in Malaysia were due to human negligence.

Source: FMT

Zailani said the intention is to nab driving schools that produce poor drivers and to enable the department to have the final say in deciding who passes or fails in their road exam.

There were multiple reports of some driving schools allegedly offering illegal “gerenti lulus” (Pass guaranteed) driving packages and the syndicate involved JPJ officers. To enhance its transparency and accountability, JPJ is considering including a code on the licence to identify the officer in charge of the student’s exam too.

Currently, there are 10,569 driving instructors in Malaysia certified in line with Rule 11(4) of the Motor Vehicles (Driving Schools) Rules 1992.

Zailani added that the decision is a lesson to both the driver and the driving institutions that they should train the future drivers by following the right module.

Meantime, JPJ will also conduct an audit to detect if there are any issues with the driving institutes that are found to produce a high number of inefficient drivers.

The code on the driver’s license will be introduced in April this year during the launch of e-testing.

What do you think of this move from JPJ? Do you think this puts an end to the “gerenti lulus” package?

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