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M’sians demand for change in compulsory Islamic marriage course after speakers made sexist remarks

Social NewsM'sians demand for change in compulsory Islamic marriage course after speakers made...

Muslims who wanted to get married in Malaysia are required to attend a pre-marriage course organised by the State Religious Department. While this is a good initiative to reduce the number of divorces in the country, a netizen found that the course is just full of sexist remarks.

In a Twitter post, the netizen Sue said “Attending kursus kahwin online. So apparently men have to ask about their partner’s menstrual cycle, to set a wedding date when he can enjoy his 1st night with her. Wow.”

She also highlighted the other sexist remarks throughout the course that were allegedly made by the speakers.

“Ok so apparently, men should never compare their partner to other females. If he thinks her sister or friend is prettier, don’t say it.”

Source: Twitter

“All women loveeee to celebrate things like birthdays. This is dangerous. Women have weird behaviours.”

“Women have a weird temper. They are just like that.”

In addition, there were other remarks that said “Who else will finish your husband’s money if it isn’t you?”

“Is anger a trait in men or women? Women. Women love to be angry.”

Source: Twitter

The list just goes on and on and Sue said she finds the course not beneficial to her in any way, adding that what she had learnt was, men must know the reality that women will spend all their money. Women are angry, unreasonable, emotionally unstable creatures. A woman’s place is in the kitchen unless her husband permits her to work.

Netizens shared the same opinion as Sue and they criticised the speakers for their sexist comments.

“What kind of teaching is this? I pity the wives that have to go through stupid content like this,” a netizen commented.

Meanwhile, several netizens tagged the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) urging them to do something about this.

Source: MalaysiaNow

“These misogynistic views have been going on for far too long at marriage courses. It’s disgusting.”

“Have women speakers to lead the marriage courses from now on. Or have 2 speakers, 1 male and 1 female to keep each other in check,” a netizen requested.

“Marriage courses need to be fixed, find actual professionals and those who are aware of the responsibility, not just perverted men who just love to talk about dirty things and make women feel inferior,” another said.

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