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M’sians blasted Kelantan man for spray painting doves with aerosol to create ‘Rainbow pigeons’

We used to see those tiny colourful chicks at our local wet markets until animal lovers demanded such practice to be banned as dying the tiny chicks with colours is just an act of animal abuse.

Recently, a Kelantanese man named Ismail Che Daud had gone viral on social media for his unique ‘Rainbow Pigeons’. In an effort to boost his sales, he came up with an idea to spray-paint all his white doves.

Source: Twitter

“Pigeons usually have only one colour tone, which is white, grey, brown or black, and over time the largely monochrome bird attracted only poor sales.”

“I started thinking about how to attract buyers to improve my sales which were declining since the monsoon season set in, with only two to four pigeons sold in a day.” he was quoted saying during an interview with Bernama.

However, both Ismail and the media portal soon met with huge criticisms from netizens for the news coverage that seem to normalise spray-painting living animals.

A veterinary (@drimavet) named Dr Ima took to her Twitter to criticise the entrepreneur’s actions while creating awareness at the same time. Despite Ismail insisting that the paint isn’t harmful to the birds, Dr Ima’s sources mentioned how the paint used is the same one used to spray metals and plastics.

Meanwhile, the food influencer Ceddy said this news was a complete shock to him as he did not know that the man actually spray-painted the birds, “I swear I thought such birds exist until the spray can came out. I was like ‘HOLD ON’. How come people just reported the stories casually?! That’s bad.”

On the other hand, netizens also criticize the local news portal for sharing such report as if there is nothing wrong with the entrepreneur’s actions.

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